Engineering, Inspection and Maintenance

Our engineering and technical services team have been providing services to the Asia region since the company’s formation in the early 90’s. We provide engineering services for brown and green-fields projects, re-design of existing systems, on-site test, inspection and maintenance as well as services provided from our workshop in Rayong.

We can develop preventative maintenance schedules in accordance with guidelines such as API, NFPA, AS/NZS, CGA, ISO and British Standards.

Our technical team can provide services including:

  • Water, foam and specialist chemicals fire protection systems design
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and re-filling (Dry Chemical, CO2, Water, Foam)
  • Pressure cylinder Hydrostatic testing up to 10,000psi
  • High pressure hose Hydrostatic testing up to 10,000psi
  • SCBA and Air Compressor servicing
  • Inspection and maintenance of fixed fire equipment for both on and offshore facilities
  • Mobile equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Fire hose repair
  • Fire main flow testing
  • Fire truck inspection and testing
  • Breath Alcohol equipment calibration